Clover Wayuu Bag

Trebol Mochila

  • Much like Okamas, each design incorporated into every Wayuu bag has a meaning and story behind, through their unique patterns and colors. 
    To the Wayuu, weaving is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, and creativity.  As young Wayuu women come of age, they learn to create Mochilas Wayuu bags, a tradition that has been passed down through ancient times.  According to legend, the tradition comes from "Wale´kerü", a spider that taught the women how to weave their creative drawings into the Wayuu bags.  

    Trebol Wayuu Bag was hand-made by Lucinda, a mother and head of a family part of the Wayuu ethnic group of Santa Marta, Colombia. 

    At OLT we wish to uplift and honor ancestral art and design.