SINU necklace is 24k gold plated, reresenting pre-columbian SINU civilization.

SINU necklace

  • The SINU people emerged in the fertile flood plains of the Caribbean lowlands of present-day northern Colombia. Collectively the various Sinú groups or communities, as well their ancestral territory, are also referred to as the ZENU, GRAN ZENU or FINZENU.

    This SINU necklace represents a replica of the gold nasal/ear ornamnet used by the SINU pre-hispanic civilization of Colombia.

    For the Sinu, gold was the source of power – used as a form of ceremonial adornment, as well as an essential medium for expressing social, religious, and ritual themes.

    The gold charm piece in this necklace is a replica from the original piece currently displayed at the Museum of Gold in Bogota- Colombia.

    Model is also wearing SINU Earrings*  SINU necklace* and Fuego Bracelet*  

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