Serpents are multi-use: bracelets, necklace, bracelet, arm cuff and leg cuff.



  • Serpents are known for their ability to shed their very coveted skin, ridding themselves of the previous one and premiering new scales as many times as they need to. 
    This is a very special teaching, as they show us that it is not only possible but also necessary to leave behind all that is limiting our growth. 
    It is about rebirthing ourselves from crisis and transforming into the best version of ourselves.

    These Serpientes are extremely special, for the artist who hand-makes them also educates us about every species, creating awareness, community and an overall understanding about the importance of their conservation. 

    They are tubular and hold their shape very well, their colors are vivid and vibrant.

    *TANTILLA has a different price because it is made with murano beads, which is glass beads that are made in Italy.

    * Huichol Inspired serpent is hand-woven with colors and shapes inspired by the Huichol art from Mexico

    Select the name of the snake in the options tab to get your favorite! 

    Serpents can be paired with Tierra Studs, Pono Earrings or BAGABAGA Mariposas.

    At OLT we wish to honor ancestral art and design.