Seahorse and pre-columbian earring circle are 24k gold over brass/bronze with natural Turqoise Gemstone.

Seahorse & Turquoise Earrings

  • The Seahorse is an ancient fish, as they are approximately 13 million years old. 

    The most charismatic and romantic fish of all. It is known that every morning, seahorse couples engage in ritualistic dances to greet each other, moving through intricate, rhythmic sequences of twists and twirls for minutes to hours on end.

    Sheahorse earrings com with Natural Turquoise Gemstone:

    Turquoise works wonders on your well-being across the board, but as a healing stone for your emotional and mental health is where it shimmers and shines the most. It’s healing energy is all about serenity and peace – just like stepping out into the cooling hues of calm waters on a hot day. For those who are feeling burnt out or like their spirit is being weighed down, this stone knows how to effectively heal those life traps, so you can shake free and step into your own space rather than trying to cram all your feelings into a box.