Raíces = ROOTS

RAICES Bracelets

  • Raices means Roots in Spanish.

    Our first Unisex item, these bracelets can be worn by women & men alike.

    Raíces bracelets were hand-made by Otilia and Victor who are part of the Embera -Chami cultural group of Risaralda, Colombia. 
    The hand- weaving of these bracelets is an ancestral and traditional practice. Although the materials ( plastic beads) are foreign, the Embera -Chami people have found their resilience in this art.  They incorporate traditional symbols that are native to our pre-Hispanic predecessors and colors that resemble nature. Bringing to light an ancient tale which tells us that the connection of human beings and nature is sacred. 
    All raíces bracelets have been named according to their meaning and symbolization. 

    At OLT we wish to uplift and honor ancestral art.