24k gold plated Quimbaya Earrings

Quimbaya Earrings

  • The Quimbaya were one of the many indigenous groups that inhabited Colombia before the arrival of the Spanish. Unlike popular opinion these indigenous civilizations were highly sophisticated and rich in customs, art, traditions, mathematics and advancement. 

    Quimanbaya people lived in the mid-eastern part of Colombia, what is now called Quindio. 

    Quimbaya Earrings are an authentic relica from the very famous primitive gold artifact depicting a man, hand-made by the Quimabaya pre-columbian civilization of Colombia. 

    These earrings have a spectacular detail design etched in the 'body' of the representation of a man. Hand-made of brass/bronze then gold plated in 24k. 

    One version of the original artifact can be foudn in the Museum of Gold in Bogota, Colombia.