Blue Gold Okamas 

Okamas Oro Azul

  • This beautiful Okama design is symbolized as the Gold Okama. 
    Through it's carefully woven textures and symbolic figures at the top, that adorn and protect the neck as a form of choker. 
    The Embera people often use Okamas for festive occasions, parties and celebrations. 
    Oro Azul Okama is a necklace for celebration.

    Available in: 

    Multi Colors!

    More color variations coming soon!

    * These Okamas pair exceptionally well with Tierra Studs*

    Okama Oro Azul is hand-made by Edilson who is part of the ethnic  indigenous group Embera-Chami of Risaralda, Colombia. 

    Our accessories are all made based on the traditions carried from generation to generation by the Embera-Chami women. These designs are inspired by nature, stories, important people of their community and dreams. 

    At OLT Embera we wish to honor and uplift traditional art.