Traditions Okama

Okama Tradiciones

  • All around the world  indigenous ethnic groups differ in a lot of aspects. From customs to traditions, however, one thing most of all groups have in common is story-telling. 
    Story telling was a traditional way of sharing important myths and the lives of leader ancestors. 
    Weaving is a way for story-telling as well.
    Within the myths told, nature and the Gods became one, that is how weaving traditions were formed, and how many animals are portrayed in weaving, because they are representational to a certain God. 
    Stories of important ancestor leaders, wether it be women or men were also told through weaving. 
    Nowadays, stories and myths are still shared through woven designs, such as this one. 

    Okama Tradiciones is a story of an important leader to the Embera-Chami, although they do not share the details that might’ve been forgotten through the years, the essence of the story lives through this design. 

    Okama Tradiciones is hand-made by The Chiripua Pizario family whom are part of the ethnic  indigenous group Embera-Wounaan of Chocó, Colombia. 

    Our accessories are all made based on the traditions carried from generation to generation by the Embera-Chami and Wounaan women. These designs are inspired by nature, stories, important people of their community and dreams. 

    At OLT Embera we wish to honor and uplift traditional art.