Diversity Okama 

Okama Diversidad

  • Okama Diversidad represents the balance and natural diversity of life, the connection of all beings in one place. 
    Much like in the biodiversity of our ecosystems, all species of different kind co-exist with each other. So do we as contemporary societies, everyone with different background and traditions co-existing with one another. 

    This Okama carries the teaching of adapting to others singular differences, learning to accept and live with them, just as they are. 

    Okama diversidad was hand made by Otilia and her son Victor part of the Embera-Chami cultural group of Risaralda Colombia. 

    At OLT Embera we wish to uplift and honor ancestral design. 

    * Okma diversidad pairs well with Tierra Studs in any Natural Gemstone!