Andean Forest Okama 


Okamas Bosque Andino

  • This Okama symbolizes the great biodiversity that can be found in the amazing Andean forests. The birth of water, flora and fauna, large mountains, the place in which life is born. 
    Within this biodiversity we have come to find our homes and set our roots, surrounded by nature and for nature.

    *this Okama pairs well with Tierra Studs in natural citrine, or any other gemstone!

  • Okama Dia Dimensions: 12" diameter x 3.5" drop down legnth

    Okama Noche Dimensions: 10.25" diameter x 3" drop down legnth 

    Okamas Bosque Andino were hand made by Alicia part of the Embera-Chami group of Risaralda Colombia.